A Close Shave, and a Lesson in Language

Many people complain that their words were “taken out of context”, and often that complaint is lame.  For example, if your if you are running for President and your preacher is caught on YouTube saying “God Damn America,” you will have trouble explaining why he was taken out of context.  Your best bet is to plead impiety and claim that you missed/didn’t hear that particular sermon, because you were hung over from the night before.

But enough of politics  There are times when context really does matter.  If you don’t believe me, ask my exposed ears.

Today I went somewhere else to get my hair cut.  I should have done this 3 weeks ago, so my hair was longer than I like it.  Much longer, and I would need to trade in my mandolin for an electric guitar.  So I told the barber to “make it nice and short.”

Usually I say this to a woman who cuts my hair, and most women have a certain idea of what “short hair means,” so it turns out all right. When a woman thinks of “short hair”, a vision of Audrey Hepburn, or a modern equivalent, comes to mind.  That’s still “long hair” on a guy.  If you want a woman to cut your hair really short, you have to just about say “crewcut.”

Today, the barber was an old guy (actually, I think he has been an old guy for the last 20 years at least), so his idea of “short hair” was considerably different from mine.  I should have expected this, when I realized that I started the day with more hair than his previous 5 customers combined.  That’s BEFORE they came in to get their hair cuts.

To quote my middle daughter, who asked not to be named, “What happened to your hair?”

Oh well.  I am not out much money, and it will grow back before the first snow hits Erie.


One thought on “A Close Shave, and a Lesson in Language

  1. I so hope people will start seeing that the ’emperor’ is not wearing any clothes…
    Yes, that’s one of my favourite sayings, hair grows back.

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