Sarah Palin Rumor Update

The anti-Sarah Palin Smear Machine has been going full throttle, and it is hard to keep up with them at times.  You would almost think that the Democratic party hates women or something.  This is the worst treatment any major candidate has EVER received.

Barack Obama and Joe Biden have said that that are taking the high road and avoiding personal attacks, but the DailyKos is full of Obama supporters, and most of the attack sites are Obama supporters, so if Obama is trying to run a clean campaign, his most rabid followers are not listening.

Here is a great link to a blogger who has started keeping a list of rumors, plus links to the truth:

Palin Rumors

This guy has vastly increased his web traffic since he started this activity, so sometimes the site loads slowly.  He is also finding that keeping up with the anti-Palin attack machine is a full-time job.

Here are some of the more interesting false stories that have been circulating:1.  There is a list of books that Sarah Palin allegedly wanted to have banned from the Wasilla Public Library.  The list is actually a generic list of books that some people at some times have wanted to ban from public or school libraries.  In fact, some of the books on the list (most notably the Harry Potter series) were not even written at the time she supposedly wanted them banned.

2.  No, she never supported Pat Buchanan for president in 2000.  She supported Steve Forbes.  Also, she was never a member of the Alaskan Independence Party.  The New York Times reported, and then retracted, this story.

3.  No, she did not cut funding for a home for runaway children and teen mothers.  She increased it by 354% instead of the 454% that was originally in that year’s budget.

4.  No, Piper and Willow were not named after witches on TV.  (Willow was the name of a character on “Buffy the Vampire Slayer”, and Piper was a witch on “Charmed.”)  The children were both born before the TV shows appeared.

5.  No, she is not a “Global warming denier.”  (BTW, would Alaskans consider global warming to be a bad thing?)  As Governor of Alaska, she assembled panels of experts to give her expert advice about climate change.

 I have to say, the treatment of Sarah Palin reminds me of some “witch-hunting” I have seen in some conservative theological circles.  The attacks got particularly nasty because of several factors:

1.  The participants were absolutely certain that they were in the right, and that their target was evil.

2.  The participants ignore basic rules of evidence.  For example, anonymous accusations are given credence, “evidence” is not examined (i.e. for photoshopping), and witnesses are not cross-examined.

3.  Even when the original allegation is proved false, the assumption of evil is so strong that the accusation is just changed to suit the new facts.  (For example, once it was proved beyond all doubt that the “Sarah Palin just faked her pregnancy to cover up for Bristol” story was false, suddenly she was accused of being a bad mother being she took a flight home to Alaska after her water broke.)

4.  The participants did not understand that the Ninth Commandment (“Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbor”) not only means you can’t lie outright, it also means you need to check your facts before you spread rumors.


24 thoughts on “Sarah Palin Rumor Update

  1. Hello. I am a female, and very much against Sarah Palin’s appointment to the Republican ticket. I am not pro-Obama. I was pro-Hilary, although not a PUMA. So, we can’t all be neatly categorized as Obama supporters. There are plenty of conservatives who want to support the Repubs party but don’t want to see our country support this appointment. For people like me, we are caught “between a rock and a hard place”. See for exactly why. Unlike folks who really don’t weigh in on valid critical factors when assessing Governor Palin, I think that there are some real concerns that have nothing to do with sexism or witch hunts.

  2. Hi, mulloverthis. Welcome to my blog.

    I agree that it is quite possible to not like Governor Palin because of her relative lack of experience (though she has way more executive experience than Obama), or because of her political views.

    However, the rumors that are being spread are not based on principled disagreements. They are based on being quick to believe ill of others, and therefore being willing to believe and spread any lie that someone tells. If you are a Christian, and you think about this for awhile, you will recognize this attitude as a violation of the Ninth Commandment.

  3. I can care less about Palin. What I think is important that McCain picked her after meeting her once. That is impulsive and not the type of leader I want in the White house. McCain is too impulsive and his temperment of shoot first ask questions later is not the type of leader we need in a dangerous world.

    We need a leader who is patient and thoughtful. We need a leader who will not react just emotionally but will take careful thought and careful deliberation. That is why I’m voting for Obama.

  4. Endithinks,

    I think you are spam and I don’t think you actually read my post, but I’ll answer anyhow and see if you can prove me wrong.

    If Obama is so thoughtful, why did he put up with 20 years of black racist sermons, and then only leave the church when it became politically too hot for him to stay? Why did he only change when pressured from the outside? That doesn’t look like the actions of a “thoughtful, deliberative” person.

  5. To suggest that Palin has way more executive experience than Obama is a bit funny, no offense. Clearly, Palin does have resume-able executive experience. However, when you look at what Obama has managed, and the Brooklyn borough President, versus Governor Palin, it is difficult not to snicker. There really is no comparison. Palin’s executive experience is akin to someone with a day care license in their home comparing their experience to someone who has sat and read through thousands of pages of documentation from various state day care licensing agencies, corporate day care providers, head start program initiatives, early education reform legislation, and so forth and so on. The day care provider knows what the state codes may be, but cannot compare to the person who weighs all of the above for many states to make workable laws to protect day cares. So technically, Palin is correct, she has more executive experience. But it wasn’t enough to get her to know the basics about the two largest private mortgage lenders and their impending takeover by the government. So, the baby mama gossip is a bit much, but her ineptness to serve as the nation’s leader is too much. As for the Bible and Palin, let’s begin with the Biblical model of a mother of young children, who had a career or ‘calling’ that necessitated her compromise to be the mother that she is supposed to be. Is there any confusion about what mothers do in the Bible? In every dispensation and covenant with God? So my friend, this isn’t just about unfair spreading of gossip. There is a principle disagreement with a Christian woman with three minor young children wanting to be Vice President at this time in her Children’s lives. I’m waiting for some evangelical Christian to provide me with such information, and God’s move into this type of progressive feminism. Until later my frieind, peace out!

  6. Are you seriously comparing the governor of Alaska to someone with a day care license? Get real. Alaska is a large and diverse state, with not so many people but a lot of complexity.

    As for comparing her to the Brooklyn Borough president, that is nearly as silly. Brooklyn Borough may have more people, but Alaska has more: Endangered species, shoreline, shipping, natural resources, borders with foreign countries, etc., etc., etc.

    What you said about Obama’s legislative experience being comparable to executive experience would make some sense, if Obama had been in the Senate longer. Joe Biden, for example, could make that claim, but Obama is on the TOP of the ticket. However, he has only been in the Senate a short time, and he has spent most of that time running for President. He hasn’t produced much of value while he was there, either.

  7. Mulloverthis — I think the point you’er missing is that this post, in particular, IS just about unfair spreading of gossip. It doesn’t matter what else is right or wrong with Sarah Palin — breaking the ninth commandment is wrong, and should be condemned without hesitation when we see plainly that it is occurring. (And yes, this goes for candidates we don’t like as well as ones we do.)

    The other concerns you have can, and should, be discussed in another context, but it is wrong to dismiss the genuine evil of rumor-mongering on the grounds that there are other things you don’t like about someone, or to suggest that it’s not important to point out how evil it is, since there are other things to object to about the candidate.

  8. Mulloverthis – I assume that your comment about Governor Palin’s duties as a mother of young children is intended to persuade me, and it does not reflect your personal views. Since you are a Hillary supporter, I would be very surprised if you are conservative enough to care about that.

    However, if you are looking for some good discussion on that topic, click on Blog and Mablog on my blogroll. Pastor Wilson and the people on that blog are having a mostly civilized discussion from a very conservative perspective, and many of the people there do not think any mother of young children should hold public office, and some think that since being Commander-In-Chief is a military function, that no woman shoud ever be president. I would caution you though: you have to share a lot of their assumptions to even understand their arguments reasonably.

  9. I would prefer a impulsive leader than one that can’t make up his mind! LOL! Even if you’re impulsive, you still can make the right decisions…ask me, as I’m most of the time like that…and most of the time my impulsive decisions were some of the best! 🙂 ok, but I’m no political leader…;) great always!

  10. Sorry it took so long to get back to you. Okay first of all Reverend Wright was not preaching hate for 20 years. If you look at his sermon about 9/11 what he said was regretable but true.

    If we go around the world strong arming and saying “our way or the highway” how can we not expect someone to try to knock us off our high horse.

    Secondly, I don’t like that you automatically start using labels when debating with people. You called someone an “obvious Hillary supporter” and then denigrated her. That is not very mature.

    Thirdly, Alaska has a population of 600,000. They have more caribou than people. The mayor of New York has 8 million people to deal with. And let’s be honest, what is harder to govern 8 million people or a bunch of caribou?

    So her experience is a wash. I think that the choice of her was obvious pandering to fundamentalists. McCain could have picked plenty of other candidates who were female (if that is what he was going for) who had an actual chance at leading the nation.

    A governor of 600k cannot run a country of 300 million.
    Obama on the other hand dealt with a city larger than the entire population of the state as a community organizer. Also as a state senator his constituency was much larger than hers.

    So please admit that McCain picked impulsively. Would you truly be comfortable with Palin as president? It is a scary thought.

  11. Endithinks,

    The sermon of Jeremiah Wright that got him into trouble was not the only one. In fact, the website of Trinity United CHurch of Christ ( had a statement of faith that is implicitly racist. As a mostly white person, I would not be ministered to there, because their focus is on black people.

    You have done some shifiting of categories in your post. First of all, mulloverthis compared Alaska to the borough of Brooklyn, not New York City. Brooklyn doesn’t have 8 million people.

    As a community organizer, Barack Obama didn’t deal with the whole city of Chicago. He only dealt with a small area and particular problems. I don’t thin he ended up soving many problems either.

    As a state senator, I doubt that he represented more than 600,000 people.

    I do not know whether John McCain picked impulsively, but I don’t think he picked badly. Governor Palin has obvious talent and charisma, and she knows energy about as well as the governor of Florida knows hurricanes. That will count for something in this decade.

  12. First of all,

    Thanks for replying and being civil I appreciate that. I do disagree with your opinion about the idea that the church would not welcome a white person.

    Growing up I went to a few predominantly black churches and the churches of African Americans (in general) do tend to get more political than some of their Christian neighbors.

    With regards to Brooklyn, I missed that actually. Let me check Brooklyn’s population…2.4 million according to that is still about 3 and a half times more people than the entire state of Alaska (which has 670K).

    Let me see the population of Illinois…12.8 million if you half that since each state gets two Senators, that is still 6.5 million.

    Also, McCain has admitted to meeting Palin once before he invited her to become his VP. That is very impulsive. Compare that to a parent meeting someone once and then allowing that person to baby sit their kids. That would not happen.

    I think that asking her to potentially watch over 300million of us after meeting her once is a classic definition of impulsive. Thank you for the discussion.

    I am truly frightened of Governor Palin being potentially in charge. I do not think that religion should play such a role in government and I am worried about her aggressiveness towards other foreign nations. She has stated that a war with Russia is a possibility if Georgia becomes part of Nato and that is downright scary.

  13. what you should be very very frightened of is a man (obama) that has close ties with farahkauhn a know racist and trouble maker. You should be very frightened with a man who wants to raise taxes and sit down with terrorist leaders without any concessions. You should be very frightened with the NUMBER 1 spot not the number 2 spot of someone with NO NO NO foreign policy experience. You should be very frightened with a man whos family is closely related to a religion going around the world killing thousands. You should be frightened of a man that libyan leader kadafi says is his choice cause they know we would then be weak and NOT i say NOT of a self made woman with guts who took on her own party and kicked out people who now claim fowl and managed to raise a beautiful family. Instead of trying to elect a man simply based on his race or party and not whats best for this country. I am an strong independent that says i will NOT VOTE FOR HUSSEIN HUSSEIN i wont raise my hand to american OBAMA.

  14. Obama has renounced Farakhan.
    Obama wants to cut taxes for 95% of Americans.
    Check here for the facts…

    Obama has been on the Senate Foreign Relations committee since he joined the Senate. He also got his education specializing in International Relations.

    Obama is also on the Homeland Security committee.

    Islam is a religion of peace. The vast majority of Muslims are not violent people. It is only an extremely small number who are committing attrocities. If you claim that anyone from any religion who commits violence damages the entire religion than I hope you do not know any Catholics (IRA) Protestants (bombing of clinics) and so on and so forth.

    Obama was raised by a single mother and grandparents. He went to school on scholarships and student loans.

    Hussein as a middle name actually means “good, handsome one.” How is that a bad name?

  15. Endithinks,

    Please don’t tell me that Islam is a religion of peace. I don’t think anyone who takes 15 minutes to think clearly really believes that, even if they have to say it for reasons of political correctness. Unfortunately, 15 minutes is a long time, and clear thought is rare.

    First you might try persuading the several million violent Muslims that their religion is a religion of peace. Once they stopped routinely threatening Christian converts with death, and sending 15-year-old girls on suicide bombing missions, I might be willing to believe you.

    I would also have to forget all about Islamic history from its beginning to the Battle of Tours. The Moslems closest to the prophet didn’t seem to believe they belonged to a religion of peace.

  16. Ray:

    It’s clear that there is fear in the air. While I fear no man and believe that ignorance is a disease spreading through this election season, I am glad we have some people attempting to be thinkers.

    The fact is that no matter how you slice it, Palin is not ready, McCain is past his prime, Biden with all his gaffes has experience, and Obama is in the right place at the right time. You can talk about his affiliations with Wright all you want, did you ever attend his church and hear the sermons in its entirety? Racism is what you want to yell whenever Blacks or anyone non white dares to disagree with US policies yet, the media is biased as are so many outlets. The fact that a Black man is GOING to be the next president frightens so many people but why? Because you think we can’t handle the pressure? Pressure is being any other etnicity but white and surviving everyday. You think we aren’t smart enough? Egyptians (Black people) built the pyramids and your best scientists STILL can’t figure it out.
    SO clutch your bible, your constitution, your guns and just remember; we can do all of that too. White is not the only right. Your history of violence towards Indians, Blacks, Mexicans, and Japanese people is unrivalved have the unmitigated gall to be afraid of Blacks? Tim you want to inspire fear but no weapon of hate, lies, or stupidity, shall prosper. It just won’t work.

    I love that Sarah, Short & Smug talks about hockey moms. That means she is showing her closed mindedness about most moms whose kids don’t play hockey; translation, kids of color. I love that she’s so middle class that she can see fit to stick it to tax payer via charging her per diem because she wants to live at home. I love the fact that she says she likes a straight talker but since she came out the gate, she’s had a gangsta lean. Yes she took on her party and said no to the bridge but yes to the $$$. That’s classic Republican. Yes, I love the shout outs on blogs like these because I am motivated to get people registered, voting early, and giving all of you HATERS something to talk about on Nov.5. Get ready, the change is here and the revolution isn’t being televised.

  17. Please don’t get on the Christianity is a religion of peace kick unless you want to ignore history. More death has been caused by Christianity than any other religion.


    World War II (Hitler was an Aryan an offshoot of christianity although a crazy one just like the islamic terrorists are crazy out of the main stream of Islam)

    The war betwen protestants and catholics all throughout the middle ages. The continuing violence between Catholic Ireland and Protestant England.

    Montana men storing up weapons including rockets, grenades an assault weapons.

    You cannot claim that a minority controls the religious aspirations of an entire people.

    I also agree that people are using muslim as a screen for racism.

    Palin is not ready. She lacks intellect, temperment and decision making skills that a President needs. I am truly scared of her being one heartbeat away with her radical views on abortion (not even in teh case of rape or incest) her backwards view on climate change( man didn’t cause it) her simplistic view of the world (israel and Iran she said she knows who the good guys are and who the bad guys are) and her simplistic idea to drill our way out of the energy crisis.

    We have 3% of the oil reserves and use 25%. We cannot drill our way out and it is a ridiculous claim to think otherwise.

    Thank you for responding.

  18. Shawn,
    The original topic of this post was nasty rumours about Sarah Palin. Your rant about Obama is rather out of place here. Just so you know, Obama’s blackness does not concern me in the least.
    It does bother me that he is part of a church that has the facade of Christianity, but really promotes Black Liberation Theology. It also bothers me that he hangs out with unrepentant terrorists, and that he has been one of the top recipients of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac contributions.
    Your comment about Egyptians is just plain funny. They were African, but not “black.” And scientists know how they built the pyramids. Lots of slave labor. Go look it up in some old National Geographic magazines.

  19. Endithinks,

    First of all, I didn’t say that Christianity is a religion of peace. We have our problems. I merely countered your asertion that Islam is a religion of peace.

    Secondly, since there were no Protestants during the Middle Ages, there couldn’t be a continuing war between them. My homeshooled second grader knows history better than you.

    Thirdly, Hitler was heavily into the occult, and in no way a Christian, although he did cow much of the church in Germany into abandoning Christianity and becoming “the German Church.” Thousands of Christians, most notably Dietrich Bonhoeffer, died or fled Germany rather than submit to a religious organization that had been captured by Hitler. National Socialism was not an “offshoot of Christianity.”

    Finally, there are nut cases in Montana, and some of them even claim to be Christians, but they haven’t added significantly to any body counts. If you add all the worst deeds of those nut cases together, their total amount of devastion does not match what happens on a Tuesday in most abortion clinics.

    Sarah Palin is not the most experienced candidate, but unlike Joe Biden, she did not make at least 24 factual errors in the debate. Joe has the ability to spew B.S. and look confident while doing it. That is not a trait that I value in a candidate. Governor Palin’s intellect and temperament are clearly superior, and after a mere 5 weeks of campaigning she is already Senator Biden’s equal in debate. If she learned to call B.S. on him (B.S. used to mean the excrement of a male bovine: now it means “Biden Says”) and point out his glaring factual errors in real time, she would have defeated him so badly that he would have had to suffer “health problems,” allowing Hillary the chance to come in as Veep.

  20. Once again there is no need to try and insult me. So here is an independent fact check about the debates from the washington post. Notice how I leave all the facts that Biden messed up as well.

    (It is quite long sorry.)

    Live Fact Check
    Vice Presidential Debate: St Louis

    11:15 p.m.
    One of the sharpest exchanges in tonight’s debate took place over Biden’s insistence that he thought it was a “mistake” to go to war in Iraq and that he only supported legislation authorizing war “to keep the U.N. in line.”

    Palin scoffed at that as a typical “Washington” explanation. “Here you voted for the war and now you oppose the war,” she said.

    Indeed, it was widely understood at the time, October 2002, that war was a likely outcome of a “yes” vote, as President Bush was already massing a major invasion force in the Persian Gulf.

    However, in his speech on the Senate floor in October 2003 explaining his vote, Biden did explain his view that the Senate resolution would help spur the United Nations to stiffen its efforts to compel Saddam Hussein to give up weapons of mass destruction.

    “I do not believe this is a rush to war,” Biden said at the time. “I believe it is a march to peace and security.”
    –Michael Abramowitz

    10:17 p.m.
    Biden claimed that Obama warned against the administration’s decision to push for Hamas participating in Palestinian legislative elections in early 2005. Obama had only been a senator for a few days when the election took place, but if he made such statements they did not appear in news reports or transcripts that are contained in the Nexis or Factiva news databases.

    Obama was one of 70 members in the Senate who signed a letter a month before the Palestinian election expressing concern that Hamas was participating without disarming. The letter did not say a victory in the election would give Hamas credibility, but urged Bush to insist that Hamas adhere to “a basic set of principles before they can run for political office.” Biden did not sign the letter.
    –Glenn Kessler

    10:06 p.m.
    Sarah Palin just asserted that Sen. Joseph Biden backed John McCain’s military policies until this presidential race. That is flatly false. Biden was an outspoken opponent of President Bush’s troop increases in Iraq as soon as Bush announced them after the 2006 elections. As Foreign Relations Committee Chairman, he led the most heated hearings before the troops were actually deployed.
    –Jonathan Weisman

    10:00 p.m.
    Biden said that McCain said he would not “sit down with the government of Spain.” This is an overstatement. Biden is referring a recent interview McCain gave to a radio station, in which McCain did not appear to recognize the name of the Spanish prime minister.

    “I’m willing to meet with any leader who is dedicated to the same principles and philosophy that we are for human rights, democracy and freedom and I will stand up to those who are not,” McCain said, in comments that riled the Spanish government.

    But in In an early-April interview with a reporter from Spanish newspaper El Pais, McCain said, “This is the moment to leave behind discrepancies with Spain” and said he would like the prime minister to visit the United States.
    –Glenn Kessler

    9:55 p.m.
    Sarah Palin oversimplified Obama’s vote to stop funding U.S. troops in Iraq. She was referring to a Senate vote on May 24, 2007, on appropriations bill funding operations in Iraq and Afghanistan.

    Obama was one of 14 senators who voted against the bill on the grounds that it did not set a timeline for the withdrawal of U.S. troops from Iraq. Obama made clear that he was in favor of funding the troops, but could not agree to an indefinite extension of the war.

    The previous month, most Senate Republicans voted against a Democratic bill (supported by Obama) that linked funding of the troops to the establishment of a timeline for withdrawal. McCain missed that vote.
    –Michael Dobbs

    9:49 p.m.
    Palin repeated a standard line offered by the McCain campaign–that Obama has not admitted the “surge” of additional troops in Iraq worked.

    But in a September interview with Bill O’Reilly of Fox News, Obama said “the surge has succeeded in ways that nobody anticipated. . . I’ve already said it’s succeeded beyond our wildest dreams.”

    Obama has not, however, retracted his opposition to the surge, and he has said political reconciliation still needs to take place in Iraq.
    –Michael Abramowitz

    9:47 p.m.
    Gov. Palin suggested that the nearly $700 billion the U.S. spends a year on imported oil could be replaced by domestic sources. took estimates from various government agencies to conclude that crude oil production could be increased at most between 1 and 3 million barrels per day, on top of the 5 million barrels a day already produced domestically. The United States currently consumes about 20 million barrels a day, so an expansion of domestic drilling would make barely a dent in that amount unless consumption also is reduced.
    –Glenn Kessler

    9:46 p.m.
    Gov. Sarah Palin was erroneous when she claimed U.S. troop levels in Iraq are now at “pre-surge” levels. When President Bush announced last month that he would withdraw an additional 8,000 U.S. troops over the coming months, he committed to leaving at least 138,000 troops in the country at the end of his presidency, 3,000 more than there were before the troop increases known now as “the surge.”
    –Jonathan Weisman

    9:33 p.m.
    Joe Biden mischaracterized McCain’s proposal for giving Americans a tax credit to pay for their own health insurance programs in return for taxing the health benefits they receive from employers. He suggested that the average American family would lose around $7,000 on the deal, receiving a $5,000 tax credit in return for having to pay $12,000 for their own health care program.

    In fact, the non-partisan Tax Policy Center has calculated that most American families would come out slightly ahead for the next decade at least. Higher-income Americans with expensive health care plans would be somewhat worse off after 2018.
    –Michael Dobbs

    9:29 p.m.
    Sen. Joseph Biden accused John McCain of offering big oil companies $4 billion in tax breaks. That is misleading. The figure comes from the share that the oil companies would get from McCain’s corporate income tax cut proposal. He has not proposed a tax break solely for oil companies.
    –Jonathan Weisman

    9:25 p.m.
    Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin signaled early she would go after Barack Obama all night on the charge that he had voted 94 times to either raise taxes or fight against tax cuts.
    Fact, a non-partisan watchdog, has analyzed the charge.

    Of the 94, 23 of those votes were indeed votes against proposed tax cuts. Eleven of them were increases on families earning over $1 million to help fund programs such as Head Start and school nutrition. And 53 were on non-binding budget resolutions that foresaw allowing tax cuts to expire as scheduled. Such out-year projections are meaningless, since non-binding budgets are passed each year. ruled the claim misleading.

    On another point, Palin said a tax hike that hits earners over $250,000 would hit “millions of small businesses.” That is untrue. The vast majority of small businesses barely break even and do not pay the top tax brackets. To get that figure, Republicans count affluent taxpayers who claim some income from some small business income as “small businessmen.”
    –Jonathan Weisman

    9:20 p.m.
    Sarah Palin repeated John McCain’s claim that Barack Obama voted to increase taxes for every American earning more than $42,000 a year. This is a considerable stretch. Obama voted for a non-binding budget resolution that laid down general budgetary guidelines based on the assumption that the Bush tax cuts will expire, as scheduled, in 2011. The budget resolution did not represent a vote to raise taxes. Obama has said that he is in favor of continuing the Bush tax cuts for all but the wealthiest Americans.
    –Michael Dobbs

  21. Endithinks,

    Sometimes you just need to be insulted. OR maybe swatted about the head until you do some independent thinking. 🙂

    If the Washington Post does a fact check, what makes you think it is “independent?” Do you actually think they are some neutral, unbiased observers? Get real. They are a paper with a liberal slant, although they are generally more fair than the New York Times.

    I posted more about Joe Biden today, with many links to articles about his errors. Since most newspaper articles about the debate said that Sarah Palin did decently well, it is fair to say that she made few or no errors of the magnitude that I have reported.

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