A Visit to Grove City

My oldest is now a senior in high school, and so the college search is in full swing.  She has a pretty good idea of what she wants to study, and she wants a college that is not too large, and has both cross country and track teams.  So on Saturday we went down to Grove City College for one of their “Crimson Days.”  This is a chance for high school seniors to get a closer look at the college.

About 600 parents and kids were there.  First we heard from the President, the Dean of the chapel, the Athletic Director, the Director of Admissions, and the Director of Career Services.  Then we broke up into smaller groups according to the majors the kids were interested in.  Anna got to speak to two of the Spanish professors.  There was also a session on financial aid for the parents.  Grove City financial aid is different from other colleges, because they refuse to receive any federal funding.

My college experience is from over 20 years ago, but there are some things about Grove City that I noticed that were different from the experience Jane and I had.  First of all, the sense of community in the college was obvious.  The girls’ dorm hallways were decorated in a way that showed that the group was involved.  Events were announced in various ways, including sidewalk chalk on the sidewalks, and it looked like most of the kids were there for the weekend. 

Secondly, judging from the weather, the number of people outside, and the number of people in the dorms, they appear to be a studious bunch. 

Finally, the college presented itself as having a serious and lively Christian faith.  This message came from the administration and faculty, but also from the students.  The bulletin boards had advertisements for people looking for, or offering, rides to churches, and there were a variety of ministry opportunities for the students.  In contrast, at my alma mater, less than 5% of the students went to church.  On Sunday morning, the dorms looked like disaster areas, and smelled of stale beer.

We know a fair number of Grove City alumni.  (As a general rule, they come in pairs.)  We already thought this would be a good choice, and the visit made it look even better.  Certain of our younger children who like to shop also like that it is close to the Grove City Factory Outlets.


8 thoughts on “A Visit to Grove City

  1. what does she want to study? My daughter wants to be a vet and we also looked into universities as they have to apply now, she attended 4 open days and only one put her off, she hasn’t been to London Uni as she doesn’t want to be in London..at the moment she’s doing all sorts of vet-related work as she needs to have experience working with animals. She was lucky to get even a paid job (weekends) at one vet about 10 min on her bike from home…but she’s thinking about taking a gap year..do you have gap year in the USA?

  2. She is interested in Spanish, History, and secondary education, or some combination of the three.

    We don’t officially have gap years, but lots of people don’t start college right after high school. Our educational system is less structured than in the UK or Europe.

  3. Hey, Nikita, I’ll bet she’s a James Herriot fan! I’ve just been listening to one of his books on CD in the car. I’ve read them all before, but it had been years.

    Valerie, we currently have three married Grove City alum pairs attending our small church (two pairs our age, two class of ’07.) And I believe the wife in one of those couples has a sister who’s half of such a pair as well. Of course our location puts us at an advantage for that, but it’s still amusing.

  4. hi SheWhoPicksUpToys…
    I will have to ask her, I haven’t seen any books of him here, she’s got a huge collection of books, I’ve grabbed a few from the shelf downstairs just to give you an idea of her taste…i think she’s got a “weird” taste..LOL!
    Eoin Colfer..Artemis Fowl, Eoin McNamee..The Navigator..weird front cover!…Septimus Heap (book 1) Magyk..by Angie Sage..(more than 500pages!)Stephen Cole..The Aztec Code…Paul Stewart and Chris Riddle..Muddle Earth…and at least she loves novels about horses!Jenny Oldfield..Wild Horses…and earlier she read the Saddle Club-books..but she’s now more into reading Vet-stuff, as she needs to be more “informed” about Vet-work etc..but I will ask her about James Heriot..I see he’s a vet too, so she will be interested for sure if she hasn’t read any of his books..thanks!

  5. Yes, James Herriot was a Yorkshire country vet in the 30’s-60’s. He wrote a series of light-hearted books about his experiences in his work, that were very popular some years ago. I think they came out in the 70’s. BBC had a long-running series dramatizing them, though as with most TV, eventually they departed quite far from the books, though I think Herriot was still involved so they might still have reflected his experiences pretty well. The books are a blend of country life and graphic, though wittily described, depictions of the details of vet work.

    Sounds like her normal reading is typical bookish teenage girl!

  6. Hi WheWhoPicksUpToys
    I’ve just called my daughter to ask her if she knows him, I called her and only said to her I want to know if she knows this British writer that was a vet too…her reaction…without knowing WHO it was going to be…”James Herriot” …oh my world! I said to her…how do you know i was going to ask you about him…she said…because he’s famous and I’ve read all his books!! 🙂 my mind is blown… lol!

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