B.S. Equals “Biden Says”

“BS” used to be an abbreviation for profane compound word, referring to the excrement of a male bovine, that meant, roughly, “a statement that is not true.”

Now, we can say that “BS” is an abbreviation for “Biden Says.”  The meaning of the abbreviation does not have to change.  If Joe Biden says it, it is likely not to be true.

I have said before that the only time you can be sure that Joe Biden is telling the truth, is if he is plagiarizing from George Washington.  He received an “F” in a law school class for plagiarism, and some of his autobiographical campaign speeches turned out to be heavily dependent upon the words of British Labor Party leader Neil Kinnock.  In addition, he has the tendency to exaggerate, confuse facts, and just make things up.  Some of his exaggerations include his class rank in law school, and the number of degrees he earned in college. [See the Wikipedia article linked above.]

One of his worst lies is the story he has told about his wife being killed by a drunk driver.  He has told it at times, doubtless to make his life story more interesting.  His wife and daughter were killed in a tragic accident, but the driver of the truck was not drunk, and he was not ruled to be at fault in the accident.  The family of Curtis Dunn has had to suffer from hearing their father falsely accused.

If Sarah Palin did any of this, the media would notice, big-time, and their attempts to make her look like Dan Quayle would succeed easily. 

A lot of people saw the VP debate and they thought that Senator Biden displayed “greater command of the facts.”  However, on closer analysis, he remained true to form.  Certainly in the heat of a debate, a few factual errors will occur.  But Senator Biden’s errors  have been catalogued, and he is now up to 24.

Here are a few lists of these errors:

The Biden Error/Lie Hallucination List (Updated to 22)

Joe Biden’s 14 Lies   (Yes this is from the McCain-Palin Website:  nobody is neutral)

Biden Wrong on Spain, Israel

Biden’s Fantasy World

Keeping Up With Biden (This deals with Biden’s false statement denying that Barack Obama was willing to talk to the president of Iran without preconditions.  Obama made this statement at a Democratic primary debate, Biden criticized him for it, but at the VP debate, he denied that Senator Obama had made the statement.  Fortunately, there are transcripts of these sorts of things.)

Biden’s Error on the Vice Presidency (This is the part of the debate where Biden said that Dick Cheney was the most dangerous VP in America’s History.  That honor, of course goes to Aaron Burr.)

One of the most telling lies/errors/hallucinations is the one where he mentions Katie’s Restaurant.  This is what he said:

“Look, all you have to do is go down Union Street with me in Wilmington and go to Katie’s Restaurant or walk into Home Depot with me where I spend a lot of time and you ask anybody in there whether or not the economic and foreign policy of this administration has made them better off in the last eight years.”

The problem is, Katie’s Restaurant apparently closed 25-30 years ago, so we can’t really go there now, can we?  Maybe he retrieved this line from a 1988 campaign speech.

Or maybe past, present, future, fact, and fiction are hopelessly intermingled in his mind.


10 thoughts on “B.S. Equals “Biden Says”

  1. Danny,

    Shortly before you disappeared last time from this blog, I gently asked you not to bring disputes with other bloggers onto my blog. You apparently had a feud with richardz that spilled onto my blog, and I don’t permit quarrels like that to spread here. Apparently you took offense at that, and disappeared from here for about 9 months. Now you have come back, but apparently your anger is still with you.

    What I wrote about Joe Biden was clearly about his political positions and speeches of the past. It was not, as you falsely imply, about the news of his mother-in-law’s death.

    In fact, I posted it on Saturday, and Jill Biden’s mother died on Sunday, so I could not possibly be referring to Senator Biden’s report of her death.

    I am sorry to hear of the death of his mother-in-law, but I stand by my position, which is well documented, that he has a problem telling the truth. Sometimes this problem has caused needles harm to others. [Particularly the family of the man he falsely accused of drunk driving.]

    If you would like to write to me offline, my e-mail address is on my “About” page.

  2. Senator Joe Biden committed ten major factual errors verified by independent fact checkers at Thursday night’s vice presidential debate.

    Factoring that in, Governor Palin clearly won Thursday night’s vice presidential debate despite the blatant pro-Obama/Biden bias of Moderator Gwen Ifel, who chose and posed questions she knew would play to Biden’s strengths and Palin’s weaknesses.

    Formerly with the left-wing New York Times, now with the
    ultra left-wing PBS News Hour, Ifel brazenly allowed Biden
    to rebut Palin time after time, while cutting off Palin’s
    attempts to rebut Biden.

    Because of her glaring conflict of interest, Ifel should
    have stepped down or been yanked as moderator. Her pro-Obama book, scheduled to be released on presidential inauguration day in January, will tank if Obama/Biden lose the election.

    If Obama loses, she sells a couple thousand copies; if he wins,
    she sells half a million copies.


    1. FANNIE MAE/FREDDIE MAC: Palin said “it was John McCain who pushed so hard with the Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac reform measures,” but fact checkers say that’s “Quite A Stretch” And “Barely True,” and that McCain was a “latecomer” to the discussion.

    2. FUNDAMENTALS ARE STRONG: Palin tried to say “John McCain saying our economy was strong” but McCain has used the phrase “The Fundamentals Of The Economy Are Strong” At Least 16 Times This Year.

    3. PARTISAN POLITICS: Palin said McCain is “known for putting partisan politics aside to just get the job done,” but he has voted with Bush 90% of the time in the Senate and bragged about his support for Bush on important issues.

    4. TAXES ATTACK: Palin repeated the attack that Obama voted for higher taxes 94 times, which the New York Times says is “false,” CNN says is “Misleading,” and FactCheck.org says is “inflated.”

    5. TOBACCO REGULATION: Palin said to “look at the tobacco industry” as an example of McCain pushing for even harder and tougher regulations. But McCain opposed expanding the SCHIP children’s health insurance program for 5.8 million children because it would increase tobacco taxes.

    6. SPENDING INCREASES: Palin said Obama is is proposing “nearly a trillion dollars in new spending,” but didn’t mention that he has also proposed cuts to balance it out, an attack CNN has already debunked as “misleading” and that ignores the far larger cost of McCain’s tax cuts and spending hikes.

    7. HEALTH CARE: Palin claimed Obama’s health plan is “government run” which has been widely debunked as a “canard.”

    8. HEALTH CARE. Palin says taxes wouldn’t go up under the McCain health care plan, a fact even his own campaign has acknowledged isn’t true.

    9. TROOPS: Palin repeated what the AP called the “highly misleading” attack that Obama opposed funding for the troops, and Factcheck.org notes that the same methodology would lead to the same conclusion for McCain.

    10. GLOBAL WARMING: Palin said “I don’t want to argue about the causes” for global warming, when she has clearly taken the position that she doesn’t not believe it is man-made.

    11. MCCAIN IS CONSISTENT: Palin said McCain” doesn’t tell one thing to one group and then turns around and tells something else to another group,” when that is exactly what he has done on immigration, telling Hispanic leaders he was for comprehensive reform instead of the enforcement focused approach he has taken with conservatives.

    12. MCCLELLAN NOT MCKIERNAN: Palin referred to the US commander in Afghanistan, David McKiernan as “McClellan.”

    13. MCKIERNAN ON “SURGE:” Palin said that [McKiernan] did not say a surge wouldn’t work in Afghanistan, when just yesterday he said “The word I don’t use for Afghanistan is ’surge,’ ” McKiernan stressed, saying that what is required is a “sustained commitment” to a counterinsurgency effort that could last many years and would ultimately require a political, not military, solution

    14. KILLING CIVILIANS. Palin said “Obama had said that all we’re doing in Afghanistan is air raiding villages and killing civilians and such a reckless, reckless comment and untrue comment again hurts our cause. That’s not what we are doing there.” Unfortunately, the Associated Press says that Obama was right in discussing a critically important point about avoiding civilian casualties.

    15. TEACHING: Palin said we need to make sure “that education in either one of our agendas, I think, absolute top of the line,” when McCain has repeatedly favored tax cuts for the wealthy over funds for more teachers and class size reduction.

    16. PARTISAN APPOINTMENTS: Palin said “You do what I did as governor. And you appoint people regardless of party affiliation. Democrats, independents, Republicans, you walk the walk, don’t just talk the talk” when she repeatedly appointed friends and supporters to positions for which they weren’t qualified.

    17. FOCUS ON CLIMATE CHANGE: Palin falsely claimed that she was the first governor to form a climate change subcabinet, when at least 28 states had already taken action.

    18. DARFUR DIVESTMENT: Palin claimed that “when I and others” found out that the state had money invested in Sudan that “we called for divestment,” when the reality is that Palin’s appointees worked to kill a Darfur divestment plan.

  4. Frank, most of what you cited aren’t lies. Mostly they are, “I don’t like the way Palin said that,” “I don’t agree with what they did,” or “She was wrong about that.” #3 is particularly egregious — voting across party lines 10% of the time demonstrates a greater willingness to work with the opposition than most Senators demonstrate. And some of those votes “with Bush” were themselves bi-partisan. But then, I wouldn’t be surprised if you hadn’t read or thought through those points from Factcheck yourself, rather that just reposting them.

    There are few in there that are arguably lies, but most aren’t. Your own credibility suffers a lot when you call things lies that aren’t.

    And Danny, “is likely not to be” doesn’t mean “never is in any case.” It’s a simple distinction. You sound like someone looking for an argument, and are apparently willing enough to throw around accusations loosely yourself, to make your banner of preserving Ray’s Christian integrity look a bit tattered.

  5. Danny, Danny, it just seems to me that most of your comments are about doing exactly what you’re complaining about others doing: judging, nitpicking, etc. I don’t know why you think it is right to come on here and judge people for judging, and nitpick at their comments for being too nitpicky, but I will not detain you further by arguing about it. Peace.

  6. Danny,

    After a bit of reflection, I have decided to remove all of your recent posts. I have left up your older ones from January.

    You are the first person I have ever done this to. If you want to know why I did this, you may e-mail me, and perhaps we can make peace. If not, go in peace.

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