District 10 Cross Country Race at Sharon

Last Saturday, Anna ran for Strong Vincent in the District 10 Cross Country Championship at Buhl Park in Sharon, PA.  Grove City and Corry were added to the AAA division this year, so the AAA race was more competitive than last year.  Before we begin our biased commentary on the race, I’ll start by posting a goofy team photo.

When we drove down, we went through heavy rain, so we expected very bad conditions.  But by the time we got there, the rain had ended, and there was apparently much less rain at Sharon than we had seen on the way down.  The park was wet, but not terribly squishy.

Last year, Katie Spade was the dominant runner, but the field was tighter this year.   Here is a picture from very early in the race, before the leaders emerged from the pack.  Katie is at the top right and Elesia (in red) in the middle.  Rachel Munsie from Corry is in orange.

Katie Spade and Elesia Wilson got out to an early lead.  By the end of the first mile, they were clearly in front, and Anna was in the second group of 6 or 7 other runners who were bunched tightly together.

This group spread out a bit, with McDowell’s Katie Sabolcik in third place, and Anna dropping back as far as 8th.  Katie Spade had pulled into clear first, and Elesia Wilson was in second place, keeping Katie in her sights even though she had lost one of her shoes.  Here is a picture of Anna in red, with one runner ahead and another close behind.

During the third mile, Anna, who does well in cold and mud, moved up to 6th place.  Meanwhile, in the front, Elesia Wilson, with one shoe on and one shoe off, caught up to Katie Spade and passed her.

In the final sprint, Anna was chasing Rachel Munsee from Corry to try to finish in the top 5, but she came up just a few feet short.  Nevertheless, 6th place is good enough for a trip to Hershey, PA, to run in the Cross Country State Championships this Saturday. Here is a picture near the end of the race, and here are the complete results.

The talent was spread much more evenly this year.  The top 6 runners were each from a different school.

Josh ran also, in the boys AAA race.  He was hurting for much of the race, so he didn’t place well.  Here is a picture form near the end of the race.


2 thoughts on “District 10 Cross Country Race at Sharon

  1. BTW, the gentleman stalking off to the right in the team photo is their most honorable coach. He appears to be wearing a pink baseball cap, and actually is, but legend has it that many, many years ago, ere long seasons of sun exposure, the hat used to be red.

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