You Know it’s Below Zero (Fahrenheit) When…

You step outside and your boogers freeze.


My 13-year-old car complained mightily about the weather.  The first time I moved the steering wheel, it made a whining noise that sounded like a Nazgul with bronchitis.

Then I noticed that the fuel gauge was reading below empty, and the Low Fuel light was on.  I got some of the gas that is used for the lawnmower, and poured it in.  The gauge didn’t budge, but I knew there was at least 2 gallons in the tank.   After dropping the kids off at school, I bought some gas, and the gauge must have liked the warm gas from the vats, because it started working again.

I knew that you Minnesota and Alaska readers may think this is whining, but it is quite cold for Erie.  I do expect some sympathy from my readers in South Africa and London, as soon as they make the calculation that zero Fahrenheit = -18 Celcius.


4 thoughts on “You Know it’s Below Zero (Fahrenheit) When…

  1. hehe…in South Africa the temps will be like 26 in some places and other places 36! 🙂 Good luck! We had temps in London like -2 the past week or so, (at night) but it’s better now. A storm yesterday morning, it rained so hard that 3 cars’ alarms sounded. We try to steel ourselves here, it’s really a bit colder than last year with frost last weekend.

  2. Hi Serendipity, we’re in Erie, PA, US, right on the southern shore of Lake Erie (one of the Great Lakes that lie between eastern Canada and eastern US.)

    Thanks for the kind wishes! (Mrs. BooksToysGames)

    Nikita, are you talking Celsius or Fahrenheit there? It’s hard to imagine London at -2 F!!!!!! Here in the U.S., at this time of year, it varies between the 70’s in South Florida, and -40F or so (at worst) in places like Minnesota, North Dakota, etc., that are far north and away from the moderating effects of oceans and large lakes. (Of course, that doesn’t count Hawaii, where it hovers around 80F most of the year , and the far north of Alaska, which I don’t even want to think about.) But that’s nothing to what the Canadians have to put up with!

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