Doing Math While Blonde

I was checking the math work of an unnamed blonde daughter of mine whose name begins with “S”. 

She is usually a good student, but on one problem, the answer key said that the answer was 100.  S_____’s answer to the question was 50.  Looking at her work, I could see that she did the math right.  25 x 2 = 50.   So far, so good.  So what did she do wrong?

It was a word problem.  The question was:

How many shoes do you need for 25 horses?

I decided to ask the question again to see how quickly she could figure out her mistake.

Dad:  How many shoes do you need for 25 horses?

S____:  50.

D:  OK, let’s try this again.  How many shoes do you need for 25 men?

S:  50,….   oh, I get it.  You need 100 horseshoes for 25 horses.  [If she was a teenager she would have said “Duh!” here.]

D:  Good.  I have just one more question.  How many shoes do 25 women need?

S:  [Thinking hard…]  Oh, about a thousand.


One thought on “Doing Math While Blonde

  1. 🙂 Some woman like to shop only for shoes and some feel they have to have at least 5 pairs in each colour! I was wondering…those women that can’t go without about 200 pairs (ok, that sounds a bit over the top now, but you get them!), do they feel more “safe” in a “comfort zone” if they have so many pairs of shoes. I dislike shoes, I only wear them because I have to! lol! -not completely true 🙂 –

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