Maria’s Short Lived Super Bowl Cake

Maria does not care about football even a little.  I mean, she could grow up to marry a Browns fan and it wouldn’t matter to her, as long as she didn’t have to fetch his beer, or sit on the sofa and watch the game with him.  (Or worse yet, go watch the game from the Dawg Pound.)   She would just have to stay in the kitchen and make snacks. 

And that’s OK, because she likes to bake.  So here she is with her Super Bowl cake, which was completed just before halftime:


She might not care about football, but she did pick the right color of frosting. 

The cake only stayed intact until halftime, which means it lasted about as long as it took for that #92 guy to run back the interception at the end of the first half.


2 thoughts on “Maria’s Short Lived Super Bowl Cake

  1. Wow! Great cake! and photo of Maria! Send her over to bake me a cake, my daughter is too lazy the last month or so, always excuses of her studies! But, it must be a chess-cake! 🙂

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