We’re Not Dead Yet!!

It’s bad when all of your kids get the stomach flu within 6 hours of each other.

It’s really bad when all of your kids and your wife get the stomach flu.  That leaves you, the husband, in charge of all the cooking and laundry.

[If all of your kids and your wife get the stomach flu, and your name is Jim Bob Duggar, it may be time to call in FEMA.  But I digress.]

This sickness which afflicted our entire household starts with stomach upset, and then makes its victims feel like zombies for a few days afterward.   I am speaking metaphorically, of course:  real zombies can move around and keep their food down.  Our household was kind of like this:

Or, for the more musically inclined:

We wondered if it was something we ate, but we couldn’t figure out anything that could be the culprit.  It’s not like we ate the Salmon Mousse or anything.

We are all better now, and life goes on.


3 thoughts on “We’re Not Dead Yet!!

  1. Cooking? What cooking? Wasn’t the lack of need for cooking part of the point? (He means he had to make himself a sandwich one night.)

    Seriously, sweetie, thanks for being such a trooper. There WAS a lot of laundry, and not much cheer there for a while. And you didn’t even mention the daughter with back spasms who needed an ER trip as soon as she was well enough to go.

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