Personnel Problems At the Treasury Department

Remember when Timothy Geithner, tax cheat, was nominated to be Secretary of the Treasury? 

A lot of senators said that in normal times, his IRS problem would be a deal-breaker, but this was an emergency, and we needed a Treasury Secretary now!!! 

The guy must be pretty lonely now.

The Treasury Department is supposed to have a deputy secretary, two undersecretaries, and eight assistant secretaries.  Unfortunately, President Obama hasn’t gotten around to sending nominations for any of them to the Senate, and so our financial crisis continues with a severely understaffed Treasury Department.  (Which may be a good thing, since whenever Timothy Geithner speaks, the stock market goes down.  Imagine what he could do with assistants.)

You are probably wondering why President Obama is so far behind in his nominations.  You won’t find the answer in the Erie newspaper; and the answer was buried deep inside the Washington Post.   

Apparently, after the tax problems with Geithner, Tom Daschle, and others, Obama’s nominees are being re-vetted,  and  “According to one estimate, as many as a third of potential nominees were found to have had some tax questions to answer. ”

Why do Democrats approve of higher taxes? Because they don’t pay them.


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