This Little Light of Mine: An Earth Hour Post

The nut jobs who came up with “Earth Hour” got their symbolism perfect.  For Earth Hour, we are all supposed to turn our lights off and stop using electricity for one hour, starting at 8:30 p.m. tonight.  The UN is even turning its lights off, and they are expecting to save a whopping $102 in electricity costs.

Of course many people will switch to candles, which cause 10X to 100X the CO2 emissions that are caused by a similar amount of electric light.  (They are also romantic, and may contribute to “overpopulation,” but that is another story.)  So they won’t be in the dark at all, but they will feel good about themselves while they increase the air pollution in their homes.

But the symbolism is perfect.  The inventors of Earth Hour do not understand what humans are, and so their only solution to problems facing humanity is to plunge people into darkness.  Their only solutions to the world’s problems involve reducing what people consume, or even trying to reduce the number of people on the planet to consume resources.

What they don’t understand is that people, unlike animals, produce as well as consume.  So, I can use less than $1.00 of electricity to power my computer, and create something valuable, or analyze data to reduce thousands of dollars worth of waste in a manufacturing facility.

Or a person can use less than $1.00 of electricty to power woodworking tools that will turn a pile of wood into a dining room table. 

Electricity and other forms of energy are relatively cheap, and very useful, and people who choose to stay in the dark probably don’t understand how cheap and useful it is.

So, for earth hour and every hour, you should thank God that energy is so easy to get these days (for example, you don’t have to burn cow dung for fuel, or chop down a tree and wait months for the wood to dry), and use it freely for useful things.  Instead of living in the dark, like a mushroom, let these African children set you straight:



5 thoughts on “This Little Light of Mine: An Earth Hour Post

  1. Excellent post.
    ‘Earth hour’ is for those who believe in a bogus story called global warming.
    I will thank God as well AND celebrate “human achievement hour”, while all the spoilt people are celebrating ‘earth hour’.
    I always say that only rich people/people who live in first world countries, can afford to believe in ‘global warming’ and celebrate ‘earth hour’.

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