When I Was Your Age…

OK, so yesterday was my birthday, and it passed without a blog post.  Honestly, my memory isn’t what it used to be, so the day was quite far along before I remembered that it was my special day.

At my not too advanced age, I can’t tell my kids much about the hardships of life when I was young.  These are the best stories I can come up with:

When I was your age…

1)  If you wanted to change the channel on the TV, there were no remotes.  You had to get up off the sofa and walk all the way across the living room (up hill both ways, of course) to the TV, and flip the switch.  Then you had to walk all the way back to the sofa.

2)  If you wanted to make a cup of tea, you couldn’t just stick a cup of water in the microwave for 1.5 minutes.  You actually had to heat the water on the stove.  And they didn’t even have all these herbal teas.

3)  You couldn’t hide in your bedroom to talk with your boyfriend on the phone, because the phone had a cord.  And you couldn’t just push the buttons:  you had to dial the number and wait for the dialer to spin back to it’s original position.  you could break a nail or get a sore finger if you made too many phone calls.


4 thoughts on “When I Was Your Age…

  1. Ummmmm…..dear……it depends on which kids you’re talking about. At least in my house, by the time I was Maria’s age, you most certainly could stick a cup of water in the microwave, although in those days it might have taken 3 minutes. 😉 And many phones certainly had buttons by then. Since we had moved into a new home when I was about that age, nearly all the phones in that house had buttons.

    I even had neighbors who had a “remote” control for their TV by the time I was 10 or so — although admittedly it was connected to the TV by a cord and was just a bank of buttons you pushed to select a channel. That hardly counts, and almost nobody had those, so I’ll give you that one.

    Now I suppose most of those things hold true for Christopher, but the older ones, notsomuch.

  2. The funny things was when I was telling some of the kids recently about how you couldn’t buy telephones when I was below teenage. That really amazed them.

  3. We had a remote, and it was really remote. It was a little box with a three-pronged tuning fork inside it, each prong of which had a different note, so when you clicked the appropriate button it either turned the volume up or down, or changed the channel — up only, which wasn’t a problem since we only had four channels anyway: PBS was 2; NBC, 4; ABC, 7; and CBS, 11. The prongs didn’t sing, they went “boinnng!” That TV was older than I was, a great big black and white thing — RCA, I think.

    Sorry I missed your birthday — hope it was a good one.

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