Brian Lasher for Congress

Today our family got to see Brian Lasher, a teacher at Northwest Pennsylvania Collegiate Academy, declare his candidacy for Congress, representing the 3rd District of Pennsylvania.  The declaration happened just across the street from Collegiate Academy, at the Veteran’s Memorial. 

Mr. Lasher now teaches Advanced Placement World History and International Relations at Collegiate Academy, and is a very popular teacher there.  He has also served for 25 years in the US Navy, and was most recently deployed to Iraq.  My daughter Anna has taken two courses from him.  I have met him once, at a parent-teacher conference, and I am not at all surprised that he decided to run for office. 

There appeared to be about 200 people at the announcement.  Many were students and faculty at Collegiate. 

Here is Mr. Lasher giving his speech.  In the background are Collegiate Academy, and a group of his students.


The Brian Lasher for Congress website is up, and the text of his speech can be found there.  He did quite a good job of explaining his reasons for running, and contrasting his positions with those of his opponent.  If he can raise a reasonable amount of money, he should be a formidable opponent.  He also may be able to mobilize a large group of young volunteers for his cause.

I know that WICU was interviewing him after his speech, so he may be on TV tonight.  Unfortunately, I haven’t bothered to upgrade to HDTV, so I most likely won’t be able to see it.


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