My Second Job

I have not written much here lately, because life has been very busy.

With a daughter starting college in the fall (at Grove City, yay!), and the economy being in the shape it’s in, I thought it would be good to “diversify my income sources.”  I pondered a few ways to do that, but quickly settled on teaching basic electronics at nights.  There is a local technical school that I have worked with at my day job for years, and they were looking for a part-time electronics instructor, so they were happy to have me work for them. 

My students are mostly adults returning to school, and most are taking a course to become Biomedical Technicians.  They will be calibrating, maintaining, and repairing medical equipment.  [You had better hope that I teach them well; badly calibrated medical equipment can cause a lot of worries.]   The others in the group are taking a more general Electronic Technician program.  

My biggest difficulty in teaching these classes is that I have worked in the electronics industry for so long that I assume that there are some things that “everyone knows,” when actually these things need to be taught.  For example, I have used scientific notation since tenth grade, and I initially thought that everyone would remember how to work with scientific notation.  Of course, most people don’t need to use it, so they forgot after a few years.  Using laboratory equipment is also something most people stopped doing in 10th grade, or possibly in their first year of college, so I have to teach it as a new thing.


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