A Strange Little Crime

Yesterday morning, I walked out to my car and I found some books and notebooks stacked neatly next to my mailbox.  It was raining, and I was a bit upset to find that the books on the curb were for the class I am teaching.  They are usually kept in a backpack in my car.

So I looked in my car, and the backpack was gone. But strangely, my faculty ID was sitting on the back seat of my car.

Someone had broken into my car, grabbed my backpack, carefully taken out all the educational materials from it, politely pulled my faculty ID out and left it where I could see it, and then stole my beat up old backpack, with some pens, dry erase markers, and cheap scientific calculator.

[Yes, I will admit right here that I didn’t lock my car at night.  I secretly hope someone will steal the whole care, because I need to replace it anyhow.  Yes, it is true that by not locking my car I don’t have the right to complain much about getting stuff stolen from it.]

This is a very odd sort of thief.  I wonder what Nancy Drew would conclude about this situation?  I did call the police, just on the theory that maybe there was more similar crime in the neighborhood, and I might give them some clues.  I don’t expect anything back.

I gave a test yesterday, and one thought that shot through my head was that someone was looking for my testing so they could get the answers.  After all, it looks like they went through my stuff with care.  However, I have now graded the tests, and I can definitely rule out that idea.

My best guess is that someone was looting cars, and they saw the backpack, and thought, “How Providential! A backpack to store all my stolen loot in.”   Then they lifted it and found it heavy with books (not a thief’s favorite sort of loot), and so they removed the contents and left them in a pile.


2 thoughts on “A Strange Little Crime

  1. Sorry to hear about your loss! It happened years ago with an old boyfriend of mine(or shall I say with me)…I had his car with me…nice little red Ford car, (ford not my favourite car though), but his rugby tog bag – think it was a nike – was in the car with his rugby-kid in it. The following morning the window was broken and only the tog bag stolen, nothing else, not even the expensive car radio/speakers. I counted myself lucky at the time.

    • hi Ray..sorry, I forgot to say, I’m glad to see you blogging again! oh, saw my spelling error now too — rugby kit! 😆
      ps: don’t forget your homework! 🙂

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