A Zucchini-Copia

I have gotten into gardening in a big way this year.  My mom, who lives down in Waterford, has 3 gardens, and I have taken one of them over.   The garden is about 60 x 100 feet (that’s 18 x 30 meters for my international readers) and it has peas, carrots, corn, tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, cabbage, summer squash, golden zucchini, and 3 varieties of winter squash.

This week the garden has reallly started to produce.  In fact, we don’t have to buy any vegetables for the whole week.

Here is a picture of most of our harvest today:


The total harvest was:

34 pounds of Golden Zucchini and yellow squash (note to self: plant half as much summer squash next year).  We might have that much next week too.

10 pounds (2 nice heads) of cabbage.  The cabbage seems to like the cool, wet summer, and it is absolutely beautiful.

7 pounds of edible pod peas

4 nice cucumbers

enough carrots for tonight’s soup

more spinach than my kids can eat

A family size serving (defined by the size of our family) of yellow beans.

I have no doubt that we’ll be able to eat everything, except for the zucchini.  I have threatened my kids with zucchini pancakes, and they are not totally sure that I’m joking.


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