Growing My Own Food (Zucchini-Copia, Part II)

The garden continues to grow well, and today was harvest day again.

The kids want to enter one of our zucchini into the “giant zucchini” contest at one of the local fairs.  We will have to pick a promising candidate a week or two before fair time and let it grow.  I credit the highly organic fertilizer for the outstanding growth of this crop.

The total harvest was:

30 pounds of Golden Zucchini and yellow squash.  It would be more, but Mom and Aunt Donna raided my garden.  Also with the wet weather the bees weren’t operating at full efficiency.  We managed to give away most of the excess from last week. 

Another nice head of cabbage.  Jane reports that our cabbages are bigger and prettier than what you see at Wegmans’s.  Usually home grown produce is not that pretty.

3 pounds of  peas

3 nice cucumbers.  My kids can eat an infinite amount of cucumbers with hummus.  Yeah, my kids are weird.  They eat almost all their vegetables without complaining.  Even broccoli, cauliflower, asparagus, and spinach.

About a pound of carrots.

7 or so pounds of yellow beans.

Some “mild jalapenos.”  

Now, if we could just shoot the deer and rabbits that get into the garden, we wouldn’t have to do any shopping at all…


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