When a Black SUV Loses Control in Front of You…

Is it bad luck?

I am beginning to get superstitious about Black SUVs, after the last week.

Last Sunday, I was driving down I-79 with the family, and the roads seemed to be in good shape.  We were near Edinboro when a black SUV started to pass me.  I looked over, and noticed that he was fish-tailing, just a bit ahead of me in the left lane.  That lane apparently had black ice.  His back end wobbled back and forth, a bit worse each time, and then (you remember these things when your life is flashing before your eyes) he rotated clockwise and did a complete 360 degree spin.  I was preparing for his rear end, which had temporarily become his front end, to spin around and hit my left side, but I pulled ahead of him (braking would have been bad) and the spinning SUV missed me by no more than 5 feet.

If you know the country song “Jesus take the wheel”, well, one hopes that is what happened to the other guy.  I didn’t notice anything happen to my steering wheel, though the kids report that I accelerated a lot, and I do not remember accelerating much if at all.

A second or two after this excitement, I looked in my rear view mirror.   I am happy to report that he appears to have stayed on the road, and no one rammed into him.

For the rest of the trip, I slowed down, and only came close to freaking out when some chick in a Prius decided to pass me, while chatting on her cell phone.  Then I realized that she would probably just bounce off my minivan, and I calmed down.

Then, a few days later, I was taking the kids to school, and was on 28th street at the corner of Parade.  At that corner you should always assume that the other drivers are idiots, because people love to run the red light at 28th and Parade, just so they can stop at the red light at 26th and Parade.

The light had turned green and I was about to go, when lo and behold, a black SUV comes barreling through the red light (which had been red for at least 2 seconds).  I’m glad I wasn’t in a hurry to get to school, or my Honda would have looked like a pretzel, and my wife would be shopping for personal injury attorneys.

So the whole superstition about black cats crossing my path just doesn’t phase me any more.  But if it is big, black, motorized, and operated by a person who thinks 2 tons of metal ensures his invincibility, consider me scared.


2 thoughts on “When a Black SUV Loses Control in Front of You…

  1. hmmm…I had a big scare last week, fog in the air and a car that missed me with mm’s on my way to school, 7:45 in the morning. I can count myself lucky, I was descending a winding road, I was already about 10 min late due to layer of ice on the car. I was surprised how calmed I stayed and just tried to keep the car on the road, skidding marks were definitely left. What drives me mad is that people don’t use their common sense when driving. It’s the first time ever something like this happened to me, it was quite scary when I saw how close that car was. MERRY CHRISTMAS to you and the family!

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