Free Advice For Ebert Beeman

Ebert Beeman, the Erie County Councilman from the rural regions, apparently owes over $2,000,000 to the IRS for 8 years in which he failed to pay taxes.  At least that’s the way they figure it.  I suspect that is mostly penalties, since he is a retired welder and even welders  at GE don’t usually make enough to owe $250,000/year, and he doesn’t look like a guy who has large amounts of money from other sources.

It is likely that the fellow is a certifiable nut case, or perhaps dealing with the IRS has driven him crazy.  He refuses to carry a valid driver’s license, and he refuses to pay taxes.  However, if he will listen to reason, here is some free advice:

1.  If you are a county councilman you have no chance of successfully getting away with tax fraud, once you are caught at it.  You have to be a Secretary of the Treasury or a former Senate Majority leader to get away with not paying your taxes.

2.  You may think you are in the right.  For the sake of argument, let’s say that the IRS was established illegitimately because the 16th Amendment to the Constitution was not properly passed, and it therefore does not have a right to collect taxes from you.  There are a number of semi-respectable people who have made that argument.  If that was true, then the IRS would be like muggers, and they would have no right to collect your money.

In that case, you should do what you would do if 4 armed men surrounded you and demanded your money.  The muggers say “Your money or your life.”  The IRS says “your money or we’ll ruin your life.”

Just stick your hands up and fork over the money.  You might try getting a real attorney to negotiate the penalties and interest down to some reasonable amount, but in the end you WILL pay the taxes just like everyone else who has tried this argument before.

When it comes to dealing with the IRS, you need to follow an important strategy of Star Wars Chess:  LET THE WOOKIEE WIN.  With the IRS, of course, playing the part of the Wookiee.


2 thoughts on “Free Advice For Ebert Beeman

  1. Ebert might not make it to too many council meetings this year. He was just convicted of repeatedly driving without a license or with a suspended license since 1985. I think I can smell a special election before the end of the year, since I doubt they’ll move the council meetings to 18th and Ash, and that’s if the Feds don’t get him first.

  2. Ebert hasn’t missed a county council meeting as of yet. I’m glad we have him on council trying to stop the needless spending.

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