The Nanny State Strikes Again

I had to prove I was 18 at Wal-Mart today.  That wasn’t too hard.  I had my 11-year-old daughter and my 9-year-old son with me.  Even at the Ghetto-Mart, that proves I am at least 25.  Also, I was rather grumpy about being questioned.  I could have said “when I was your age….” and then told a story to the checkout clerk, and if that didn’t work I could have produced my driver’s license.  But I digress…

I was trying to buy a substance that you have to be 18 to buy.  No, it wasn’t a BB Gun, or ammunition, or even a Swiss Army knife.  The drinking age is 21, so it wasn’t liquor, although I could use a drink about now.  The controlled substance is…..


Now we should all know what WD-40 does.  If you are from another continent, it is a nearly universal lubricant, and I was planning to use it on my kids’ bike chains.

But apparently some idiots like to use aerosol cans to get high, so store policy is not to sell spray paint, or WD-40, or any other product in a spray can, to minors. 

Because we all know that when someone  who is stupid enough to inhale stuff from aerosol cans turns 18, they become smart and won’t do it any more.  We also know that they won’t think to use hairspray or nail polish or whipped cream, because these things are bought by girls and are never abused. 

When I was the checkout clerk’s age, I was buying old bikes, fixing them, and re-selling them.  I guess I couldn’t do that if I were growing up now.


2 thoughts on “The Nanny State Strikes Again

  1. It’s an Obama world out there and it’s safe to say we had better get use to it. I experienced a similar situation several days ago while purchasing some Claritin D at the Morrisville, NC. WalMart. I was required to produce a government issued Photo ID and subjected to interrogation by an $8.00 an hour Hispanic WalMart Clerk as she entered my information into their data base. It will be interesting to see how the nanny state rules play out when Bryan Oberle’s much trumpeted Obamacare kicks in.

  2. If you upgrade from WD-40 to “White Lightning” (bike chain lubricant, not moonshine) or teflon lubricant, you’ll save on bike chains what you lose on the cost of the lubricant. WD-40 was developed to prevent rust & corrosion, which makes it a great magnet for dust….which is not so hot for bike chains.

    I remember using gasoline as a de-greaser…..evidently highly explosive liquids are less dangerous than WD-40, since you can buy the ingredients for a fuel-air bomb at age 16, and you’ve got to wait until age 18 to lubricate your bike chain improperly. :^)

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