When I Was Your Age

Yes, it is that time of the year again, when I regale the kids with stories of the old days, when I was their age.  You know how different things were back in those old days:

1.  If you were going somewhere and wanted to take music with you, you had to bring a cassette tape and put it in your Walkman.  The cassette tape held about a dozen songs, and you had to play them in order, unless you used the fast forward and rewind buttons.

2.  And speaking of music, The Supremes (not Phil Collins) sang “You Can’t Hurry Love”, The Eagles were a rock band, and Michael Jackson was still black.  (Oops, excuse me, African-American.  You can’t say black anymore.  When I was your age you could say “black”, but it was racist to say “colored”, unless you were talking about the NAACP.)

3.  You could take a Swiss Army Knife or aspirin to school without getting expelled.

4.  There was an East and a West Germany, and a North and South Yemen.  (The way things are going, we might have an East and West Libya by next year.)  Mumbai was Bombay, Beijing was Peking, and Burkina Faso was Upper Volta.

5.  Jerry Brown was still governor of California, having replaced an actor who served as governor before him.


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