Come and Get Me, Copper!!!

The Thin Skinned One is firing up his campaign, and He wants to make sure that everyone knows the Truth about Him.  Because, if people only knew what He was doing, they would re-elect Him in a landslide.  But He hasn’t had time between vacations to get His point across by making speeches, so He needs your help.

To help share the Truth about Him, of course we must combat the disinformation spread by those nasty lying Rethuglicans, like Ed Koch and State Senator Ruben Diaz.  We must stop attacks on him by racists such as Herman Cain, Michelle Malkin and Nikki Haley.  We must “Get the facts” and “Fight the Smears.”  In fact, if you find someone saying something bad about our President, you are invited to “Report an Attack” by going to AttackWatch.Com.  This site is paid for by Obama For America.

I tried this, and I ratted out my co-worker.  Maybe if the secret police take him away I can give his job to my nephew.  I reported that he called Obama a “commie b*st*rd” who was probably born in Kenya.  (I have a lot of co-workers, and at least one of them believes this.  I am merely reporting what I hear.)

I thought they would pay me for this valuable information.   I mean, this guy has long hair (what is left of it) and a ponytail, and he looks like he smoked a lot of pot in the 60’s.  He  should be a natural to vote for Obama, but the Dems lost him somewhere between Hope and Change.  This is valuable information.  If He lost this guy, He might lose the Jewish vote in NY-9 next.  But instead of a reward, all I got was a quick thank you and then I was sent to a site asking me to donate to the Obama campaign.

I didn’t donate, and now they suspect me of disloyalty.  Actually, they know, because someone (I don’t know exactly who, but I have a short list of suspects) decided to rat ME out, and they wrote this about me:

“Keep an eye on that bookstoysgames blog.  My dad has said that you attended a racist church for 20 years.  He doesn’t think you are a secret Muslim, but he is sure that you think more about your golf game than about what is going on in church, because otherwise you might have noticed that your pastor was a black supremacist, anti-semite, and general raving lunatic before it became a campaign issue and you dumped him like a crazy ex-girlfriend.  He also is critical of your speeches at times, and he strongly suspects Michelle wears the pants in the family. He also hopes that the voters retire you in 2012, so you can join the PGA Seniors Tour, because you spend more time on the golf course than Tiger Woods.”

So here I am, in an undisclosed location, waiting for the secret police to knock on my door.  All I have to say is, “Come and get me, Copper!”


5 thoughts on “Come and Get Me, Copper!!!

  1. I’m not cynical, Ellen. I am just laughing at Obama, because, as Martin Luther said, “The one thing the Devil cannot stand is to be mocked.”

  2. Ray, I had no idea that Martin Luther was the author of that saying. Attack Watch is to be feared as is the current occupant of the White House.

  3. It’s also worth noting that mockery is a much better way of dealing with evil ones than Luther’s other two famous ways of dealing with the devil; throwing inkwells and breaking wind. I’m thinking the Secret Service would certainly intervene with the first, if not the second.

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