Leave the Pronouns Alone, Ms. Bono, and Walk Away Slowly

In recent cultural news, Chaz Bono was eliminated from “Dancing With the Stars.” I don’t watch the show, but apparently the judges said that she “danced like a penguin,” compared her to an Ewok, and the general impression was that she stunk at dancing.  She was only put there to generate some controversy and hence, more viewers, not because of any talent or potential talent that she might have had.

I don’t really care that she got on “Dancing With the Stars” with a female partner in the first place.  After all, the shortage of men to dance with is an eternal problem, one noted by Elizabeth Bennet, who rebuked Mr. Darcy when she said, “Gentlemen were scarce, and more than one lady was forced to stand up with her sister.”  So the idea of a woman dancing with a woman is not novel.

I definitely don’t blame Chastity Bono for changing her name to Chaz.  If you want to name a daughter after one of the Puritan virtues, try “Faith,” “Hope,” “Charity,” or even “Patience” or “Silence.”  “Chastity” is just a bad idea for a name.  No one gets credit for living up to that virtue, but if you have that name and don’t live up to the virtue, prepare to hear about it forever.   You can also expect to have a terrible junior high school experience with a name like that.

I also hardly care that a transgender person got on DWTS.   Saint Paul predicted that women would behave badly in this and similar ways, as a result of their own sins and as a response to the sins of men in the surrounding culture.  With a 50% divorce rate, we are just about guaranteed to have all sorts of sexual confusions in our culture, and some of them will get on TV.  I know the producers of DWTS were trying to shock people like me when they picked Chaz Bono, but they failed.  Yawn….

There are two things I do care about, and those are the pronouns that are used to refer to her.  [Warning: I am about to say something terribly shocking and politically incorrect.]

CHAZ BONO IS A WOMAN.  SHE IS A SURGICALLY ALTERED WOMAN, AND MOST LIKELY A CONFUSED WOMAN, BUT SHE IS STILL A WOMAN.  And when we write about her, we need to be honest and say “she” and “her,” not “he” and “him.”

If you disagree, think about this.  Let’s say that Chaz Bono committed a crime.  Perhaps (speaking completely hypothetically, of course) she throttled one of the judges who gave her the boot, but in the process of throttling said judge, she was slightly injured and left some of her blood and skin at the scene of the crime.  If the police reached the crime scene and did a DNA test on the tissue sample, they would look for a female suspect.  Chaz Bono’s plastic surgeon would have created an extra challenge for the investigators, but the DNA would not be lying.

I know some of my readers are liberals who don’t care about the cold hard facts of present-day biology, and who think that gender is whatever you decide to be.  For those readers, please read the articles about Chaz  here and here, and listen to the way she expresses concerns about her weight and appearance.   She doesn’t sound one bit like a guy.   Chris Christie, Rush Limbaugh, or Michael Moore would not talk that way about their appearance.  For men, weight is a practical issue, and that is why we rarely ask, “Does this shirt make me look fat?”  We probably already know the answer.  But if we do ask, our wives can answer the question honestly, without fear, and we can put on a bigger shirt.  Apparently the surgery did not solve her body image problems, and one has to wonder if she, like many others who have had plastic surgery, would have been happier skipping the surgery, and seeing a counselor.  But that is a secondary point.  The main point is that the surgery and subsequent hormonal treatments did not cure her of being female.  And because the surgery did not ultimately change her, clear thinking people everywhere need to refer to Ms. Bono as “she.”

I recognize that this is a minority position that will face strong opposition, and I propose that this position be called “BC”, for “Biological Correctness.”  BC is only one of many necessary antidotes to Political Correctness.


One thought on “Leave the Pronouns Alone, Ms. Bono, and Walk Away Slowly

  1. Considering that her father, who always wanted a boy and never accepted her as a girl, and her narcissist mother, who left the child with her lesbian friends who gleefully corrupted her–I don’t think Chastity had a chance, but I do think that the doctors, the psychiatrists, the surgeons, the judges, and every other wacko who cooperated in the mutilation of this pathetic creature–out to stand before a firing squad.

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