And Now For Something Completely Cute

For some time, despite the frequently expressed opinions of the majority, our house has been without a cat.  As the paterfamilias and chief of the clan, I had to rectify this situation, so we went to check out the cats at The A.N.N.A. Shelter.   (If you are looking for a cat or dog in Erie, please check out their website.  They post available pets, and they keep their site up to date, so you can have a good idea who may be ready for adoption.)

Picking a cat is quite a challenge when you have 6 people trying to choose one cat out of about 30 that are available.  We knew we wanted a short haired cat, with claws, and preferably younger, so it could adapt to all of us.  But there were still a lot of very cute and friendly kitties to choose from.  It would have been easy for the clan to split into warring factions, each with their favorite, and a real cat fight could have occurred.

However, we spent at least an hour playing with all the kitties, and soon some favorites emerged.   Which is to say, some of the cats decided that they liked us all, and some of the other cats had better taste in people.   Finally, we were down to two possible kitties:  A 1 year old Siamese, and a 5 month old grey tabby with a white patch.  Their colors clashed, so we couldn’t have them both.

Fortunately, the tabby was everyone’s first or second choice, and he liked all of us, so when I decided that he was the one, I did not lose a portion of my constituency.

So anyhow, here is Atticus (formerly Graham), at the shelter:


Here he is again, thanking one of his supporters and waiting for his adoption to be finalized:

He is really an incredible cuddly little fellow.  When he takes a nap, it is usually on one of us, and he usually remembers to keep his claws in when he plays with us.  He does make it more difficult to knit or tie your shoes in peace, though, and he enjoys walking on the computer while your are trying to type.  But at 2 lbs., 12 oz., he doesn’t usually succeed in typing anything, yet…


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