Maybe I Should Just Send It Back

I recently received a new bathroom scale.  It was defective from the manufacturer.

The old bathroom scale always said “180” when I stepped on it.  The new bathroom scale says “188,” so something must be wrong with it.

My wife doesn’t like what it says to her either.

I am an engineer and I fix things, so…

The Mrs. says I need to fix this thing.  She doesn’t usually nag me about fixing things around the house, but she says  “no more donuts” until I get that bathroom scale recalibrated so it says “180” again.

Maybe I should just send the darn thing back.


2 thoughts on “Maybe I Should Just Send It Back

  1. I’m pretty sure that the manufacturer will require a gauge capability study to demonstrate that the scale actually is at fault. Maybe you can do it Thursday while I’m (not) at my meeting. :^)

  2. Setting the story straight, out of which we BOTH come looking better:

    1. I don’t nag him about what to eat, but

    2. HE saw the new scale and decided ON HIS OWN that it needed to be “fixed.” And it doesn’t work right for me, either, so I need to help fix it to so it reads differently for me as well.

    And thus last week we restarted our Y membership.

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