I Predict 2014 (And Publish Some Resolutions)

I seem to be better at making predictions than at keeping resolutions.  Especially when I don’t tell people what I predicted, so I don’t get to say “I told you so.”  So, perhaps it is best that I put some resolutions in the form of predictions, and bury them in the middle of some real, and perhaps not so real, predictions.  So here goes:

1.  I will put a certain amount of money in an envelope each month.  I will use it to buy the various things I need for home improvement projects that I need to do.  In the envelope, I will keep a list of what I did (sort of a reverse honey-do list), to encourage me to continue getting it done.

2.  Justin Bieber has announced his retirement.  This will be short lived, but he will use his time off to grow a beard like ZZ Top.  At least until he realizes that there won’t be an opening at Duck Dynasty after all.  Then he will shave, whether he needs to or not.

3.  It has been determined that the passive voice will be used less often by me.  And I will cut down on the passive-aggressive voice even more.

4.  Sometime this year, Joe Biden will realize that there is a way of becoming president that does not involve beating Hillary Clinton in the Iowa Caucus and New Hampshire primary.  It is a way that does not even involve beating a Republican and it does not require the cunning of a Borgia or a Lady MacBeth to pull it off.  What he does with this knowledge depends on how badly ObamaCare continues to stink, and whether it induces panic attacks in Democrat senators.

5.  I will write more. A lot more.  My goal is to write 50 blog posts this year, though some may be to my blog on chess.com instead of here.  I might even get the pictures on this blog updated to the current decade.  My oldest son would appreciate that, since his picture will not remind him of his little brother.  The obstacles to achieving this goal are distraction and perfectionism.  And Facebook.  Facebook encourages writing too quickly.

6. Any book with a title like “Management Secrets of Willie Robertson” that is published as non-fiction, will outsell any book with a title like “Management Secrets of Barack Obama,” unless the latter is written by P.J. O’Rourke or Dave Barry.  And it will be infinitely more useful.

7.  Last year, I successfully lost some weight, and I gained some strength from working out.  And my back feels better.  This year, I will lose as much weight as I did last year, and I will compete in a few 5K races, where I will do better than I did last year.  (It will help if the races don’t occur during heat waves.)

There is other stuff, but if I told you, the NSA would find out about it.


4 thoughts on “I Predict 2014 (And Publish Some Resolutions)

  1. You should cross-post your chess posts here. You may even be able to automate it with IFTTT. I’m not adding another feed (sorry) to feedly for it so you’ll have to. So there!

    And I think one or more of these predictions will come true. Actually, I’m going right out there and saying at least one of them will.

    • Did he resign at that point? I’m no chess expert but the end of the play didn’t look like checkmate?

      I have interest in Chess, even just as a spectator. I do enough chess-like thinking in my day job that I don’t have the energy for that deep of a strategic game a that level for leisure…prefer more of a Eurogame with fewer options and mathematical possibilities. But if you post stuff here I’ll read it.

  2. Yes, he resigned. I was up by two pieces, and I can force a trade of Queens on the next move, leaving him with no hope. In fact, my three pieces will gang up on his King very quickly.

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