An Unintentional Compliment to the Pro-Lifers

Recently, a video appeared, and started to go viral, of some pro-life demonstrators in Columbus, Ohio being assaulted by a rather disturbed young woman. The video is here, but be warned, it contains some very bad language:

In fact, she uses most of the common swear words as nouns, verbs, adjectives, adverbs, and conjunctions, and all in the two minutes before the police arrived to arrest her.  She also used big mean names like “Racist”, “Misogynist”, and “Privileged white male”, which indicate that before her Burger King gig, she might have gotten at least a D- in Feminist Theory at the local community college.  (Actually, grades are a masculinist tool of oppression – she might have gotten a B.)  Now she is facing charges, and her chances of making assistant manager at Burger King are considerably reduced.  On the plus side, tens of thousands of Christians saw this video and said at least a quick prayer for her immortal soul (I highly recommend this course of action – she doesn’t seem like someone for whom life is going well), so making an idiot of herself may actually be bringing her closer to the Kingdom.

So how should the average pro-life Christian react to this sort of abuse?  Some people will answer this question by asking the question “What Would Jesus Do?”  But this is rather tricky, because the answer is not obvious.  The answer could involve being silent before one’s accusers, or it could involve chasing someone with a whip.

I suggest that we start by thanking people like her for their obvious high opinion of us.

“But wait,” you say.  “She just called a teenage kid a “racist, misogynist M#*@%@#% A@*#&$.”  Then she attacked a guy, and she piled on more verbal abuse, until she reached the limits of her very limited vocabulary.  How is that a compliment?” You say.

Let’s look a bit beyond the words.  Mean people do mean stuff because they think they can get away with it.  Let’s say she was mad at a great big tattooed biker dude.  Do you think she would slap him?  I doubt it.  She would not trust the man to be a gentleman and not hit a lady.  If she judged wrong, she might soon find out whether her insurance plan covered dental emergencies.  So she would shut her mouth.

And you noticed that she used the word “misogynist” a lot.  Let’s suppose she found herself in a really misogynistic place, like Saudi Arabia, for example, where they don’t let women drive.  Or Afghanistan, where a large portion of the population doesn’t like the radical Western idea of girls going to school.  Do you think she would talk like that to the religious police?  Heck no, she would cover her face and be quiet.

By her verbal abuse, she shows that she doesn’t really believe half of the nasty things that she is saying.  She is affirming that she believes that we “right-wing misogynist, racist, M@#*#$@ A@$*#$s” (I’m sorry if I spelled those words wrong) won’t do anything much more dangerous than turn the other cheek and maybe pray for her.  She actually believes that we will follow The Sermon on the Mount, and not return evil for evil.  I am not sure most pro-lifers believe that about ourselves.  Many of us would be sorely tempted to hog-tie this woman and wash her mouth with soap.  Apparently she thinks more highly of us than we do of ourselves.

Somewhere in that Sermon on the Mount, it says “Blessed are you when others revile you and persecute you and utter all kinds of evil against you falsely on my account.  Rejoice and be glad, for your reward is great in heaven, for so they persecuted the prophets who were before you.

If you are a sheep, they say things like this about you, and tacitly admit that you are a sheep.  If they thought you were a wolf, they would act a bit more scared.

So rejoice.


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