This Silly “Pride” Reaction

One of these things is not like the other.

On Facebook, you have several options to “react” to a post or comment. You can like it, with a smile. You can love it, with a heart. You can be sad, or angry, or laughing, or just “wow.”

And now you can react with a little rainbow “pride” icon.

Note that in all the previous reactions, you are expressing your reaction to the post or comment.

In the new reaction, you are making not reacting to the comment, but you are making an out of context statement about yourself.

It is rather like walking into a discussion of yesterday’s baseball game at the company water cooler, and commenting upon the size of the zucchinis you are growing.

Let’s hope this thing fizzles (it doesn’t seem to be catching on very much), and that no one else thinks it is a bright idea to develop, for example, a “donkey” reaction (for Democrats), or a “crosshairs” (for NRA members), or some other such nonsense.


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