Snow What?

So, Erie is expecting 8-12 inches of snow starting any minute. We have had an early morning snow of 2-3 inches, which is totally normal for Erie.

Everyone is in some sort of panic.

The City of Erie declared a state of emergency starting at 8 a.m. Saturday and continuing until Monday, before any significant snow had fallen.  One commentator observed that this enables them to write more tickets.

Meanwhile, our governor has also declared a state of emergency, which limits speeds on interstates and bans commercial vehicles starting at noon today.  (If you drive a truck, you are out of luck.)  The declaration even enables the National Guard to be called out.

Guys, this is 8-12 inches, or maybe 10-15 in the worst case predicted, and it is far less in the southern parts of the state.  This is not the 48″ Snowmaggeddon of last year.  This weather would not even normally shut our schools down.  And since Monday is MLK Day, schools are already closed.

Who has decided that we are such incompetent weakling wusses that even the prediction of a foot of light, fluffy snow will confine us shivering to our warm houses, waiting for our Governor to give us the “all is safe, you may come out” sign?

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